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  • ARM Vs. Qualcomm: Why Offensive IP Litigation Rarely Plays Out (Outside Of Patent Trolls) TG Daily | Nov 23 I find the ARM vs. Qualcomm litigation particularly troubling because it looks like ARM is attempting to illegally shake down Qualcomm, which is arguably ARM’s most prolific customer, in order to close a massive cash shortfall. The shortfall was supposed to be corrected by selling ARM to NVIDIA, but that deal fell through thanks partially to Qualcomm’s efforts to stop it. The NVIDIA deal was perfect in that it gave Softbank, which owns ARM, a significant amount of cash, and it would have provided ARM with enough additional money to fund operations and R&D.
  • How to Beat Apple (And Why Would You Want To?) techspective | Nov 22 Because I worked with great people, one of my favorite jobs was as a competitive analyst at IBM. That was where the lock-in business model that Apple has embraced first became successful in the computer space. Lock-in has several advantages, but one huge disadvantage is that it focuses management on margins and revenue and away from what customers want. Over time, this effectively defunds innovation efforts focused on customer satisfaction and competition.
  • Anticipating the Evolution of AI-Enhanced Smartphones and Laptops TechNewsWorld | Nov 21 Qualcomm last week announced its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. The significant improvement is enhanced AI that will operate behind the scenes to improve the user experience significantly on phones due to launch in a few weeks. This AI implementation should significantly improve most functions, from how well the modem works to optimize both voice and data connections to improvements in image capture, viewing, and overall power efficiency.
  • Nvidia nudges Omniverse closer to connected digital twins—and full automation Computerworld | Nov 18 If Nvidia has its way, the Omniverse may one day be robotically repaired using AI.

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Rob Enderle on…

Amazon predicting a slowdown in sales growth during year-end holiday season

[While it has a lucrative AWS cloud computing unit and its Prime video offering, Amazon is a retailer at heart, noted Enderle.] "When people are having a hard time making ends meet, retail tends to take a hit… Amazon is not a cloud company, it is a retail company, and a cloud computing guy is in charge.”

Amazon warns of meager holiday season sales growth

Meta’s disappointing financial results

"Facebook shifted to Meta, so they took their eye off the ball. In a way they shot themselves in the foot and allowed TikTok to advance … Meta and Alphabet's focus on the long-term has left openings for hungry competitors. ... If you are not focusing, someone is going to come up and take customers away from you; it is TikTok now but it could easily be someone else."

US Tech Titans Buffeted By Economic Headwinds And TikTok

Google and its ad revenue

[Worsening the financial situation for Alphabet is the fact that Google tends not to aggressively promote advertising on its platform, said Enderle.] "They don't like the idea of making their money off advertising, so they don't treat the market very well. Now, you are seeing the adverse impact of not taking your revenue source seriously.”

Google's Money Churning Ad Engine Sputters In Rough Economy

Metaverse traction

[Meta could be contributing to metaverse traction problems, maintained Enderle.] “Facebook’s efforts are so bad they are putting a cloud over the entire segment ... Facebook is effectively putting a big sign over the segment implying it is fake, even though Nvidia’s efforts are working far better and being well implemented by firms like BMW.”

Metaverse Maybe a Moneymaker for Enterprises by 2027

Adobe’s predictions for strong online retail holiday sales

Adobe’s growth predictions may be too rosy, maintained Enderle.] “Predictions, when you have this many moving parts — elections, wars, interest rate increases, inflation, economic reports, stock markets in motion, and disasters — are iffy at best, and this one has a substantial amount of downside risk.”

Adobe Sees 2022 Holiday Season Sales Hitting $209.7B Online in US
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